INSTANT SKIING, INSTANT FUN Skiboards: Best Kept Secret on the Slopes

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Published: 02nd December 2010
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Instant Skiing – Instant Fun

Skiboards: The Best Kept Secret

on the Slopes

Foreword to the Book

It seems that when something new comes over the horizon, at first, most people are hesitant to try it. Yet, there are always those relative few who, call it a need for adventure or a tingling intuition, will embrace it. These few "out-of-the-boxers" recognize something, are almost immediately attracted to it and will give it a try, no matter what others think.

When I first discovered skiboards, I had to try it. There was something indescribable that seemed to call to me. Initially, I was struck by the sheer simplicity, the total naturalness and the uniqueness of skiboards as a snow-riding tool. Little did I know there was so much more to come.

Right from my first time, skiboards awakened within me a newly found sense of passion and freedom. I recognized this awakened feeling, as it has always accompanied my "out of the box" liberating experiences in the past. I knew I was on to something significant.

To me, the essence of this unique sport is breaking through old, outdated mindsets and expanding beyond present boundaries. This is the domain of freedom, of liberation and that sense of adventure in life (that which we all secretly yearn for). While skiboards represent a new tool for riding the ski slopes, they offer so much more in terms of personal transformation, which I will explore with you in this book.

My actual first experience with skiboards began in the Spring of 1997. A friend of mine, that I was skating the streets in downtown Denver with, told me about these new things. He actually couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. So with great excitement, he shared his discovery with me. He told me that he tried these new "short skis", called Big Foots, and that they felt like skating on the slopes. We had skied together many times, and of course spent years skating together, so I totally trusted his opinion. You could definitely say, it called to me.

His enthusiasm was contagious. It just so happened (as synchronicity works) that another skating friend had a couple of pairs of Big Foots, so we borrowed them and headed off to Eldora Ski Resort, outside of Boulder, CO. It had just snowed about 8" that night so there was plenty of fresh powder to play in. I strapped them on my ski boots that morning and up the lift we went.

I must say at first, I was a bit anxious. After all, this was something so radically different than anything else I had done before. Getting off the lift, we headed down the slopes. He shouted out to me, "think skating, not skiing". So I did, and I could not believe the thrill that ran through my body. From the very first run, it felt so familiar. It was more like dancing or skating than skiing. It truly was outrageous.

Imagine, playing on the mountains, on snow, with absolute abandon because you are totally in control, able to stop and turn as easily as you might if you were walking. It took only one run to know without a doubt that I had found a new sport that I would be doing a lot more of. It was that quick – just one run! My friend concurred. I became an evangelist for this new sport after my first day!

As I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm, I told practically everyone I ran into. Skiboarding was contagious, as almost everyone I told wanted to try them too. I soon began arranging access to "skiboards" (this term was not identified until 1998) and even taking groups up to the mountain. Their experience was consistently the same – absolute total fun from the first day! They were as hooked as I was.

Within about six months, being shocked because I could not find places to buy skiboards that easily, I put up my first website, just as a little side business to tell the world about this new sport. The Internet was just starting then, and there were a few small companies that were actually manufacturing them. Since there was no official name yet, I created the name "powder skates", because that is what they felt like to me.

I searched out the different brands currently available. Wanting to create my own stash, as much as have product available to promote, I found a number of small, innovative companies. With a small stock of powder skates and my six page website up and running, the phones started ringing! I didn’t even have email set up yet.

A year later I found myself with an expanded website, more product, and daily UPS pickups. This had actually turned into a full time business. When the name "skiboards" was officially decided sometime around 1998, I created

Here I was busy pursuing my career as a Human Potential Consultant after just receiving my PhD. I had plans to finish my book, continue offering my seminars and maybe even be famous some day. Life apparently had other ideas however, as it often does.

In just a few short years, the garage was converted into a warehouse and five phone lines were installed in my home. I was barely able to keep up with orders. I was buying, selling, managing the website, packing, shipping and handling customer service. As it soon got overwhelming, I began hiring others to help me. The business has been busy ever since, thanks to the simple joy of riding skiboards.

Started in 1997, the Skiboards Superstore, Inc. (dba has been growing year after year, becoming the world's largest skiboard retailer. The Superstore has offered skiboards from brands such as Salomon, K2, Atomic, Line, Canon, Klimax, Kneissl, Microski, Fischer, Alpina, Groove, Head, Karhu, Blizzard, Elan, Summit and many more. also manufactures its own brand of skiboards under the Summit name – "Summit Skiboards". Summit Skiboards focuses to the design and manufacturing of high performance, top-of-the-line skiboards. also sells their own line of skiboarding accessories including gear bags, tune kits, carrying bags, base waxes and more.

What sometimes surprises me is that I still feel the same passion I did thirteen years ago for skiboards. It really is contagious. The more people I tell about it, the more I get feedback that they are having the same experience as I am. Enthusiasm, passion, freedom, fun, and joy – these are the common experiences of skiboarders all over the world.

Interestingly, my experience with skiboarding directly exhibits the same characteristics that I had discovered in my research in human potential psychology. My career previously was involved with teaching others, including corporate workforces, how to realize their full creative potential. Among these characteristics is the regular occurrence of peak experiences – pure outrageous moments of fun accompanied by the sheer thrill of feeling fully alive. These are attributes I’ll explore, as they represent an essential component to living to your full potential, as well as critical to instant skiing.

In my many years of experience with skiboards, I have come to develop a great appreciation, not only for the fun of riding them, but more so, for the personal transformation that is continually stimulated by the openness and the sense of exploration that comes from experiencing this non-mainstream adventure. Skiboards represent a breaking free from what others think, what others expect and from existing cultural mindsets. As compared to long skis, skiboards allow greater creative freedom and will quite naturally allow your own unique individuality to emerge.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, a true adventure and want to feel the gusto of living on the edge of your creative potential, I strongly encourage you to give skiboards a try. I’ll explore in this book, not only the ins and outs about skiboarding, but also the deeper, psychological implications that are systematically ignited when you break free from cultural mindsets including the ski paradigm.

Riding skiboards adds a whole new dimension to the sport of snow riding. For those who love immediate gratification, this is the ticket. Only go on vacation once a year or two and don’t want to spend that time in lessons? Skiboards are the solution. And best of all, skiboards create the experience of exhilaration, joy and those peak moments that up till now were only experienced by the crème of the crop skiers and snowboarders.

If you want to learn to ski instantly, or improve your skills fast, I highly recommend skiboards. But there is so much more skiboards will do for you in terms of your personal life. The breakthroughs that are experienced on the mountain carry over into everyday life. That is the greatest advantage and truly the best kept secret of all.

Welcome to a whole new life.

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Richard L. Roberts, PhD.


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